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About Congregate Care

Many senior living options exist for aging adults these days, and congregant care facilities are a popular choice for today’s active seniors. Options are generally classified according to the level of care they provide. From aging at home with the least amount of outside care to full-fledged nursing home care, each choice has its own set of pros and cons.

What is congregant care?

Congregate care facilities are similar to independent living facilities and are often called such. Independent living facilities are places that allow seniors to still live in private quarters, but provide housekeeping and maintenance services for their residents. Congregate care facilities, however, provide a community dining room, organize social, recreational and even educational activities for the residents, provide transportation and often provide spiritual support with on- site worship services, in addition to the housekeeping and maintenance services.

Why choose congregant care?

For seniors on a fixed income, the choice of where to live can prove a difficult one. Congregant care offers many benefits to older adults who are healthy and active. Private living quarters allow the resident to bring personal belongings to create a homelike atmosphere. Communal dining removes the burden of preparing meals, an even greater challenge for those seniors who find themselves single again after so many years of marriage. Organized activities provide companionship and entertainment while keeping the mind and body busy.

The idea of living somewhere with daily activities such as wine tastings, movie nights, card games and book clubs can seem overwhelming at first, but studies show that an active mind is a healthy mind. Residents can find themselves in better physical and mental shape than before, and they have peace of mind from knowing they are not alone.