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Senior Residences in Quebec

With over 100 senior residences to choose from, retirees in Quebec have many options available to explore. Senior living facilities are available at every level of care and in all corners of the province. From independent living to 24 hour nursing care, there is a senior residence for every need.

Independent living

Independent living facilities provide a safe home for Quebec’s active seniors. These senior residences provide access to shopping and convenient laundromats, while offering communal dining and private living quarters. Many are also congregate care facilities.

Congregant care

For those seeking activity and companionship, congregate care facilities are a great option. These senior residences offer active older adults access to a busy community and daily activities. Card games, wine tastings, tours and shopping trips are just some of the ongoing events available to residents.

Assisted living

When independent living is no longer possible, seniors can turn to one of Quebec’s many assisted living residences. Much like congregate care facilities, they provide social and recreational activities for seniors, but with the added benefit of 24 hour nursing care, housekeeping and laundry services. Assisted living provides mental and physical stimulation and a measure of independence which preserves seniors’ dignity, while insuring that much needed support and care are always available.

Nursing homes

When the day comes that an elderly person can no longer manage even basic care for themselves, then it may be time to consider a full time nursing facility. With onsite medical staff, nursing homes care for those unable to care for themselves.

With so many choices in senior residences, deciding which one is best suited to your needs is challenging. Fortunately, many of Quebec’s senior living facilities offer graduated care so that residents can progress from independence through full nursing care all in the same facility.