Questions and Concerns for Seniors

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Questions and Concerns for Seniors

As a person gets older it is possible that he or she might have to move to an assisted living facility, a nursing home or just a smaller house. Perhaps the work around the yard is becoming increasingly difficult or the home that housed a growing family is now too large for either a couple or an individual. When the time comes to make the decision to move, seniors have many questions and concerns.

Money issues

The most pressing concern many seniors have when looking at alternate living arrangements is the cost. In most cases, the home was paid off years ago. The small amount coming out of their retirement income for housing often does not reflect the true cost of it since they may have paid it all upfront. Additionally, the cost of living at a retirement facility often includes useful services such as meals and laundry.

Concerns about the living environment

Seniors have become very comfortable living in their own homes, so change is often frightening. Is the staff friendly? Is the food well-prepared and nutritious? Are there other people around with whom the person would get along? These separate questions are all really asking the same question; “Is it a good place to live?” This is a valid question, since no one wants to move to a dreary place where boredom and loneliness are the norm.

Having prepared responses for these common questions does a lot to put seniors at ease. If possible, having residents who are willing to provide positive comments and testimonials can assist in a smoother transition for those moving into an assisted living or other retirement community.

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